Looking for a facilitator that can speak to the realities of the work place? Popular workshops, lunch and learn sessions or key notes:

   Accepting and Coping with Change

   The Art of Work/Life Integration

   Resiliency and Stress

   Emotional Intelligence

   Mindfulness in the Workplace

   Adjusting Attitudes - Coping with Adversity

   Mental Health in the Workplace

   Building Healthy Relationships

   Preparing for Retirement Emotionally

   DiSC assessments and interactive fun workshops.


Retreats & Coaching Programs:


The Second Half of Life

Explores the concept of mid-life, that what's next feeling is the catalyst for ways to express forgotten dreams or hidden passions.

Spiritual Principles for Everyday Living

SPEL is the acronym for a weekend retreat guiding women through a series of exercises and self reflection to attain more trust, confidence and fulfillment.


Meditation and Mindful Living Seminars

Corporations and individuals alike are recognizing the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices as an antidode to the busy lives we lead.

Benefits include:

increased self awareness, problem solving and productivity

improved emotional health and well being

physical stamina, happiness, and peace of mind

mindful practices as a method of relieving worry and chronic pain

mindful techniques to restore your energy including mindful eating, walking and relaxation


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