Pathways to Mindful Living... retreat for groups of 6 to 20

In nature there are cycles of rest and activity, stillness and movement, ebb and flow. When we honor these natural rhythms, we nurture our balance and well-being. Yet our culture encourages an imbalanced lifestyle that focuses on constant busy-ness. We’re subtly (and not so subtly) distracted with technology, materialism, consumerism and a life filled with to do lists to try and fill the void. Perhaps it's time to:


Uncover. Discover. Recharge.



Meditation and Mindful Living Seminars


With over 30 years experience Cynthia decided that the way to deepen her practice was to teach it. She shares her own story of resistance and how her practice changed over the years and helped her through the most difficult life events.

Topics covered:


Why doesn't my mind stop thinking?

    The science behind meditation.

Practical applications of mindfulness and meditation.

Relaxation techniques.


Participants experience the benefits of meditation firsthand and leave feeling calmer and committed to a personal practice. Ideal for health and safety meetings, team building, lunch and learn presentations. 




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