As the Second Half Unfolds..

In life and nature there are cycles of rest and activity, stillness and movement, ebb and flow. When we honor these natural rhythms, we nurture our balance and wellbeing. Yet our modern culture encourages an imbalanced lifestyle that focuses on constant busy-ness. We’re subtly (and not so subtly) distracted through materialism, consumerism and a life filled with to do lists to try and fill the void of not feeling good about ourselves. If we’re feeling empty, if our relationships aren’t nurturing it’s important to remember that we can not find fulfillment in material possessions and perpetual activity. Perhaps it's time to:


Uncover. Discover. Recharge.


Meditation retreat for women April 27, 28, 29 2018


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Meditation and Mindful Living Seminars

Corporations and individuals alike are recognizing the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices as an antidode to the busy lives we lead.


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