Cynthia is a highly skilled, professional wellness facilitator.  At a recent retreat, Cynthia led participants though a progressive series of gentle, deliberate steps to achieve greater insights and self-awareness.  Cynthia’s ability to create a safe and supportive environment during the retreat enabled each participant to fully engage in the learning process and realize the significant benefits of a mindful approach to health and wellness. Irene S., Public Servant, Guelph, ON.


Cynthia is a natural spiritual leader. She radiates authenticity and skilfully motivates us to delve deeper into our truth. Cynthia's meditation sessions are a little bit of heaven. Moe V. Teacher, Guelph, On


Recently I attended a retreat Cynthia was leading. She has a way of helping to point out the truth with a quiet beauty and honesty. Ruth Ann M. Retired, Guelph, On


Cynthia brings her thoughtful and energetic approach to each training session, applying experiences and anecdotes that personalize the topic to make it more meaningful.  Her unique teaching style encourages full participation and sharing to apply theories to the day-to-day situations of each learner. Charla R. Executive, Thunder Bay, On



The process of transformation commences when a person's self definition, interpretation of life, or life purpose is questioned.

Often that 'what's next' feeling can be a jumping off place in creating new relationships, discovering hidden talents, or in discarding self defeating patterns that were designed to protect the person you used to be.

Whether your plan has been thrown off balance due to workplace restructuring, divorce, conflicting values, or a longing to live a more purpose filled life, Cynthia brings a wealth of personal experience and expertise and can assist you in navigating the pathway.

If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results why not make a new choice and click on the link below to start your journey....